Bleeding Verses

This soul-stirring poem explores the therapeutic power of writing in the face of despair and heartbreak. The speaker reflects on a painful relationship, turning their raw emotions into powerful verses. It's a poignant exploration of healing through expression, capturing the struggle to persevere amidst the echoes of a haunting past.


12/25/20231 min read

brown pencil on white book beside black eyeglasses
brown pencil on white book beside black eyeglasses

She said when you're ready to see the end

Just pick up a pen and listen up my friend

Instead of giving up this time

Turn this feelings into a rhyme

My soul is exhausted and I've come so far

This is exactly why I bought her a star

Everything about her I thought I knew

Turned out to be things that weren't even true

She hurt me worse than anyone could ever warn

She took my happy and made me wish I was not born

I spent a year wishing I were dead

Because of the thoughts that wouldn't leave my head

My soul is bleeding and I can't get it to stop

How much more must I take before I can finally drop