Starlight Ascent

This stirring poem captures the speaker's emotional rollercoaster, marked by hopes, disappointments, and personal growth. It traces the impact of a significant figure who infused hope but also mirrored past patterns of rejection. The narrative culminates in a moment of empowerment, signaling the speaker's evolution from setback to self-discovery, ultimately embracing their potential to shine like a star.


I thought he was an angel, I thought that he saw more.

My life is so much different than it was before.

He started acting just like the rest,

As I buckled down to try my best.

He brought me hope and gave me life.

But was nowhere close to seeing a wife.

Now I feel like some kind of fool.

I know he’s different from the other tools.

I wish I could have made him proud.

So, he wouldn’t have tossed me back in the crowd.

He’s the only reason I made it this far,

Without him, I’d rather just become a star.

I fought harder than I thought I would

But it's too exhausting when your this misunderstood.

Maybe if I was someone else,

I could have found my one true self.