Dancing with Moonlight: A Tale of Lost Innocence

Immerse yourself in 'Dancing with Moonlight: A Tale of Lost Innocence', a poignant narrative of two souls navigating the harsh realities of life. Experience their journey from childhood to adulthood, battling adversity, longing for love, and seeking redemption amidst life's trials. A powerful exploration of resilience and the indomitable human spirit


He said he’d never leave me this way,
As he kissed my forehead and drove away.

I remember us doing the moon dance,

I even remember some dude named Chance.

He tried to keep me safe from harm,

But they just turned him into something found on a farm.

The years flew by as did our life.

Neither of us found anything but strife.

Being abused and then tossed out,

Is how our entire life came to be about.

Just a couple of kids being tossed around,

Until our parents landed in the ground.

We never really stood a chance from day one,

The odds against us already spun.

The work that it takes to change one’s path.

Is often met with nothing but scorn and wrath.

All they wanted was to be loved.

Their hearts sought solace, stars above.

Life had finally taken its toll,

Leaving their souls bruised with no parole.

No matter what the others think.

The path that we followed was always in sync.