The Edge of Despair

This deeply moving poem delves into the emotional turmoil of feeling ignored and belittled. The speaker wrestles with feelings of betrayal and ostracization, capturing their escalating despair and the harsh impacts of emotional bullying. It's a stark exploration of the extremities of emotional pain and the struggle for self-preservation amidst adversity


12/25/20231 min read

silhouette of woman during sunset
silhouette of woman during sunset

Night after night I sat alone.

Crying and thinking about the unknown

How much height must they carry.

To make a person feel this kind of scary.

I swallowed my pride and took a chance.

Thinking it would end with a happy dance.

She laughed and ignored me and still refused to care.

That’s when I decided it was time to cut my hair.

I made it long, purple, and stitched it by hand.

Hanging would be easier than drowning in the sand.

None of them would listen nor did they stop.

I swear they're seriously sitting and waiting for me to drop.

Why did they get together and make me feel so low.

Knowing I busted my ass making their dough.

This is what happens when you push one too far.

Bullying rewards more than using a car.

She stabbed me deeper than words can fix.

The night she betrayed me and tossed me from her mix.

She refused to love me just a little bit.

Now I'm dying instead of just throwing a fit.