Echoes of Unseen Struggles

This raw and powerful poem delves into the speaker's deep-seated emotional anguish, painting a stark picture of their life marked by strife, loss, and misunderstanding. It lays bare their struggle for survival amidst harsh realities and broken dreams, offering a haunting exploration of life's unkind twists and the tragic cost of despair.


12/25/20231 min read

closed gray wooden door
closed gray wooden door

No one could ever fathom this pain.

It's not exactly like playing in the rain.

They don't want to fix the problems at hand.

That's what people fail to understand.

I'm sick of missing out on everyday joys.

Because all anyone sees is some kind of toy

I try to get better and do what's right.

But the only thing anyone wanted to do was fight.

My mind stopped trying when he died.

The only thing it processed was she lied.

Waking up doesn't sound too fun.

It would cost me less to give up and be done.

Life has never been kind to me.

And now she no longer see’s three.

Not many people understand what I've been through.

But every bit of it is nothing but true.

Maybe if my parents would have been so poor.

I wouldn't have died staring at a door.

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