Forsaken Roots

This poignant poem delves into the depths of personal anguish resulting from familial indifference and misunderstanding. It encapsulates the speaker's yearning for love and acceptance, their struggle to reconcile with an unforgiving past, and the challenging journey towards self-preservation and resilience. A riveting narrative that underscores the human spirit's fight against emotional adversity.


I knew she didn’t love me,

I knew she didn’t care.

I knew it was just a matter of time.

Before she was not there.

All the years I put them first.

They turned on me because I was cursed.

If only I could get them out of my mind,

It wouldn’t be the three eighty I wished I could find.

If they never see my face again

It would be a loss they’d feel deep within.

They made the choice to push me out.

Struggling to silence my inner doubt.

They said I was allowed to make a mistake,

But learning from them is all it takes.

They refused to tell me what I did wrong,

Now in this confusion I struggle to stay strong.

If I don’t make it out of this,

Please don’t cry and pretend to miss.

They were the reason I felt so low,

All because I tried to watch them grow.