Lost in Echoes: A Cry for Understanding

Experience a powerfully raw narrative that delves deep into the struggles of a misunderstood soul, battling against societal norms and personal turmoil. This story offers a stark perspective on mental health, the pursuit of validation, and the desperate search for empathy amidst the noise of indifference.


12/30/20231 min read

Everyone thinks it's some kind of act,

Before ever considering the actual impact.

It wasn't my mind that made me weak.

Everywhere I turned made me feel like a freak.

I wasted my life and put them first.

Now me dying is something I've rehearsed.

The last time I saw him, he acted so proud.

Took all he could; then walked out and joined the crowd.

I begged him and told him how sorry I was,

All he does is ignore me and hates me just because.

Instead of fighting just so I can fail.

I think I'll take my chances just going to hell.

They can all pretend like they tried to help,

Even at the top of my lungs, no one heard me yelp.

I couldn't find free income or live some happy life,

I've been working since day one, and only found more strife.

I refuse to call some hotline or take a bunch of pills,

Just for a life of bullshit and thirty second thrills.

I wasn't looking for attention or some sympathy,

Maybe a little understanding, and some empathy.

They were the only reason I ever wanted more,

Now my life is dark and worse than it was before.