Navigating Judgment: A Journey of Unseen Struggles and Resilience.

Join a first-gen college student's fight against judgment and misconceptions. A story of resilience amid struggles and the quest for empathy and understanding."


12/17/20231 min read

yellow sunflower field during daytime
yellow sunflower field during daytime

I'm currently facing a barrage of judgment from individuals who aren't familiar with my story. My upbringing was challenging, marred by experiences that scarred me deeply. I endured trauma and struggled through a childhood where no rescuer appeared. I never had the idyllic childhood many dreamed of. Despite my own trials, I sought to provide a different life for my children.

It's disheartening that others feel entitled to speak ill of my parenting without understanding the full picture. No one walked the path alongside me, witnessing the efforts I made for my children. When I reached out for help, it often wasn’t offered, leaving us isolated in our struggles.

Let me be clear: I never intentionally harmed my children. They were my priority. I didn’t indulge in social activities or neglect their needs. Despite this, I faced accusations and rejection, leaving me feeling small and unworthy.

Today, as a first-generation college student, I fight to carve a future for myself amid this storm. It's a battle against feelings of rejection and inadequacy. Where were these voices when support was needed? Why is this barrage now tearing down someone who did their utmost with the little they had?

My children didn’t lack necessities; they were cared for and provided with love. Yet, accusations and attacks persist, neglecting the strides I'm making to heal and improve. My heart aches for the severed connections, the misconceptions, and the lack of understanding.

I'm not perfect. I never claimed to be. But I am trying. I'm seeking help, attempting to mend what’s broken. Yet, the support I long for seems absent, replaced by continuous judgment and condemnation.

I yearn for the day when this narrative changes, when wounds are healed, and when understanding prevails. My plea is not for perfection but for empathy, for a chance to rebuild what’s been shattered.