Unraveling Priorities: Navigating Parenthood and Mental Health

In the midst of personal turmoil, a parent's plea echoes—a narrative delving into the complexities of parenting, mental health, and the priority of care. Join the conversation as we explore the nuances of guiding young souls through the labyrinth of trauma, highlighting the importance of mental health care in shaping our children's futures. It's a call to action, a plea for understanding, and a quest for a better approach to parenting in a world that often overlooks the significance of mental well-being."


12/19/20232 min read

hope marquee signage surrounded by trees
hope marquee signage surrounded by trees

Navigating the tangled web of past traumas and present dilemmas, I find myself grappling with an unnerving thought: the absence of consistent therapy for my daughter, a young soul caught amidst a whirlwind of confusion and emotional turmoil.

Allow me to set the scene straight. When my daughter left my care, she was excelling—a straight-A student navigating her adolescent years while seeking solace in therapy three days a week. That decision wasn’t made lightly; it was a response to a moment that shook me to the core—a moment when her pain transcended words, and the fear of losing her clouded my judgment.

Then entered the family that emerged five minutes after she turned 15, swooping in to ‘rescue’ a teenager seething with frustration. They claimed to understand her trauma but seemed oblivious to the vital necessity of therapy. Instead, amidst this chaos, my daughter found herself exploring her sexuality, navigating a maze of personal discovery while the foundation of her mental well-being remained neglected.

Questions gnaw at my conscience. How does she seemingly have time to traverse from one orientation to another, yet the pursuit of healing and reconciliation seems to have been put on hold? How does exploring her sexuality take precedence over addressing the scars that might pave the way for future struggles?

I find myself bewildered and frustrated by this shift in focus. As I toil through my own educational pursuits, just a few classes away from a hard-earned degree, accusations are hurled, casting aspersions on my capabilities as a parent. Yet, in this tumultuous storm, where are the boundaries of responsibility and care for the child caught in the crossfire?

It’s disheartening to witness a lack of prioritization for her mental well-being from those who have taken up the mantle of parenting. They champion the exploration of identity but seem oblivious to the deep-seated wounds she bears—the very wounds that might pave a path to future struggles and mental health challenges.

In the cacophony of accusations and shifting dynamics, where is the sanctity of adulthood and parenthood? Where is the guiding hand that prioritizes her well-being over fleeting inclinations?

Can anyone involved acknowledge the profound significance of mental health care in a teenager’s life? Can we reevaluate our definitions of good parenting beyond the spectrum of allowing personal exploration? Because in this turmoil, the child's cries for understanding and support seem drowned in the noise of conflicting ideologies and misplaced priorities.

This situation isn’t just a reflection of personal grievances; it’s a cry for a system that fails to recognize the vital importance of mental health care for our youth. It's a plea for adults to step up, not just by words but through actions that prioritize a child's holistic well-being.

Let's not just cast blame or point fingers. Let's, instead, construct a narrative that emphasizes the urgency of mental health care for our children—the kind of care that transcends labels and ideologies, a care that listens, understands, and nurtures.

Because, in the end, this isn’t about proving who’s right or wrong—it’s about safeguarding the future of a young soul caught in the tempest of conflicting priorities. This is our collective responsibility.