Shades of Gray

This poignant poem expresses a deep-seated sense of loneliness and rejection, intertwining childhood trauma and the quest for acceptance. It navigates through painful memories and experiences, capturing the speaker's struggle to find their identity and sense of self amidst adversity. An introspective reflection on resilience, transformation, and the human capacity for endurance despite heartbreak.


a black and white photo of the moon in a cloudy sky
a black and white photo of the moon in a cloudy sky

I wish I could feel something other than alone,

But rejection hurts, especially coming from your own.

I know that I'm growing into something more,

The ones I loved left me on ignore.

I gave them both as much as I could,

Yet found my real family in the hood.

I will never forget the way it felt

Almost hanging myself with that belt.

My soul left my body and went far away,

The only thing that returned were skies now turned to Grey.

Laughter and lies consumed my thoughts.

My eyes were full of water and my stomach turned to knots.

This isn't something that time will erase.

Everything I've ever known was completely replaced.

I tried to be nice and give it all I had

But just like my childhood I became bad.

All the hours I begged the unknown

Not one of them did she actually act grown.

How can a person survive without its heart?

Why do so many people act like this is some kind of art?