Shattered Trust: A Poetic Journey Through Betrayal

Dive into a poignant poem exploring the pain of betrayal, misplaced trust, and the emotional aftermath. Uncover the raw emotions of hurt, disillusionment, and the struggle for self-worth in the face of betrayal and heartache.


1/1/20241 min read

yellow flower with green leaves
yellow flower with green leaves

She took everything I wanted to be.

Then threw it all in my face to see.

She pretended to love me and gain my trust.

Then ran her mouth and lied on me over lust.

I know it shouldn’t have bothered me considering the source.

But what good is history without running its course.

I put her up high and thought she’d be more,

She stabbed me deep all the way to my core.

I was embarrassed to show my face,

That’s why I moved to a brand-new place.

Everyone around me is handing out pills.

All I wanted to do was apply my new skills.

No one around me could tell me why,

They just said stay strong and watched me cry.

Love means nothing to some of us,

That’s what got me hit by that bus.

They can hate me and push me out,

But at least their dreams aren’t full of doubt.

They were smart enough to pick their friends,

But too selfish and spoiled to make amends.