Unchosen Melody

This expressive poem reveals a personal journey of breaking generational curses and striving for self-fulfillment. It captures the struggle of seeking acceptance, the determination to rise above adversity, and the longing for genuine love amidst familial indifference. A poignant reflection on resilience, self-discovery, and the courage to transform one's destiny.


red rose
red rose

As the music fills the room

all I want is my life to resume

the parents I had spent their lives mad

turning my potential into something less than sad

they all repeated how beautiful I was

yet none of them picked me probably just because

I've worked harder than any of the ones I know

finally I see my hard work is starting to show

I constantly made a fool of myself

just to put others feelings above my own on a shelf

it didn't matter how related they were

the only one they didn't want was her.

Breaking generational curses is harder than anything I could have imagined

A challenge so immense, it leaves one impassioned.

There are no rewards great enough,

To match the joy found in genuine love.

They didn’t come to save me, they didn’t come to help,

The only thing they did was ignore me and listen to me welp.

I let them take every bit of what I had,

Leaving me alone and feeling sad.

If this is the way that my life goes,

I’d rather give them their fake goodbyes and even a final rose.