Unseen Pain: A Tale of Silent Struggles

Unravel the poignant narrative of a life marked by unkindness and misunderstanding, where resilience is tested at every turn. This heart-rending tale explores themes of love, loss, and the harsh realities of inequality, offering a raw look into one woman's struggle against adversity.


12/30/20231 min read

grayscale photo of concrete cross
grayscale photo of concrete cross

The things they did were so unfair,

It started when I was young and she used to pull my hair.

They didn't show me love, or how to get things right,

Now my life is over, and I'm beginning to lose my sight.

I wasn't born with money, or a way to win the crowd,

They only thing they ever said, was God that girl is loud.

They always came and took what I had,

Now I'm sitting with nothing and feeling real sad.

Everyone around me was allowed to get things wrong,

All I found was darkness and someone that said "stay strong".

Her family took her away from me,

Because that's exactly how she wanted it to be.

My mind got sick when she pulled her stunt,

They left me embarrassed and feeling like a runt.

All those years I put her first

She turned her back because I was already cursed.

If they are allowed to make me feel this low

Just cover me with dirt, and call me Jane Doe.