The Unseen Sacrifice

This profound poem speaks to a tale of betrayal and unrequited love, exploring the speaker's struggle with deceit and heartbreak. It captures the depth of their sorrow and the toll of their sacrifices, painting a vivid picture of a life overshadowed by others' selfishness. A poignant exploration of love, loss, and the harsh realities of human relationships.


12/26/20231 min read

woman tucked while sitting
woman tucked while sitting

It's funny how she cries abuse demanding something more.

Then suddenly she's straight with plenty of time to explore.

She took the love I tried to show

And turned my memories into something low.

Ending my life would be some kind of crime

Yet I'm allowed to sit sad enough to make this rhyme.

Every day that she pushed me out,

Is why my mind got consumed with doubt.

She watched me beg like some kind of freak,

Then took pleasure in seeing me weak.

Rather a stranger or the ones we love,

There's a reason why we don't all make it above.

They lied and gathered behind my back,

Using all they could to turn my world black.

They filled my days with unworthy and blue,

Over things they made-up that weren't even true.

I'm the one that longed for more,

That's why her face looks like it did before.

I've wasted the best part of my life,

Trying to keep theirs from turning to strife.

They were too selfish to do the right thing,

Now my life is over and I never got a ring.