Unspoken Sorrows: A Heartfelt Letter to the Kids Who Changed My World

Delve into a poignant narrative expressing the unspoken anguish of a parent's journey, navigating the complexities of raising children amidst personal struggles. This heartfelt letter encapsulates the sacrifices, regrets, and unwavering love offered despite challenges faced along the way. Explore the emotional turmoil and bittersweet reflections on a journey marked by unmet expectations and the poignant longing for understanding and reconciliation.


12/29/20231 min read

person wearing chain accessory
person wearing chain accessory

To the kids that broke my heart,

I tried my best from the very start.

You didn't come with instructions or a check

And when you were born my life was a wreck.

I gave you the things I wished for as a child

Even trying to make your childhoods a little wild.

I know that I made a few mistakes,

Never got the chance to take you to the lake.

I promise I did the best I could.

I thought that by having a little boy,

I'd finally meet a man that brought me joy.

I always cleaned her face and matched her bows

But now I'm someone she refuses to know.

I grew them in my body and tried to keep the peace

They sent an army and even the police.

I jumped through hoops and begged them both.

Maybe my death would help their growth.

I couldn't make them love me or do the right thing,

I love you both and hope you get that ring,

Time won't fix what you took from me,

This pain is who I now get to be.

I know that time will change your minds,

But I won't be around for you to find.

I didn't ask for too much or something insane.

I found everything except the keys to this chain.