Unveiling the Unspoken Pain: A Poignant Journey through Life's Trials

Explore a raw and heartfelt narrative capturing the tumultuous journey of a soul navigating through hardships, rejection, and unaddressed struggles. Delve into the emotional landscape of an individual seeking solace in a world fraught with despair, yearning for understanding and a respite from relentless adversity. This compelling account sheds light on the silent battles fought daily, reflecting on the harrowing experiences that shape one's existence and the quest for peace amidst a storm of overwhelming challenges.


12/29/20231 min read

a human skull is shown in the dark
a human skull is shown in the dark

I've always felt like my life was a mistake,

Every single day that I was forced to awake.

Every one acts like this is no big deal.

As I sit begging God every day that this can't be real.

Every person I ever had,

Ran off telling everyone I was bad.

I told the truth and asked for help,

Thirty eight years later and all I do is yelp.

I was born and tossed into a world of hell,

Spending my entire life trying to get well.

There's only so much that a person can take,

Before they snap and finally break.

They taught me fear and how to be weak,

Now they want to label me as some freak.

I lost my way and couldn't find truth,

All of this steming back to my youth.

I tried to do better and change my life,

The only thing that brought was more strife.

I've been hanging on by a thread,

Just to wake up another day wishing I were dead.

No one comes to offer a break,

All anyone ever did was take.

The suffering is no longer worth a reward

Staying alive is something I can't even afford.

Call it crazy or mental health,

I was born in poverty but unable to find wealth.